The Best Show with Tom Scharpling

A show six years in the making... TOMPRESSIONS return! Callers try their luck to impersonate Tom on-air! Tom makes a stunning personal statement in response to the ANT MAN CONTROVERSY and pitches a BILLION DOLLAR BATMAN IDEA to legendary comic book artist/writer CHIP ZDARSKY! The SOUND COLLAGE returns with hypnotic new additions... ONE FOR THE BOOKS!

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On election night, November 8th, 2016, Tom threw the radio audience a curve ball by pretending to air a "Lost Episode" from 2006. Old music was used and "classic" callers were staged. As the night went on, the whirlwind of news unfolded and the show took on an even stranger shape... This was one for the books.

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Tom welcomes RONALD BRONSTEIN, co-writer/co-editor/co-genius of every Safdie Brothers film! And if one movie titan wasn't enough, PEYTON REED swings by the studio and DROPS A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT... Phones ring on the topic, WHAT ARE THE DUMB THINGS YOU BELIEVED AS A KID? Plus, DARREN FROM WORK calls Tom to catch up and ask for a small favor!

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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, Tom gets a call from Todd McDaniels At McMuffler Mania!

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Tom gets an in-studio visit from CHAPO TRAP HOUSE'S WILL & MATT! Phones ring on the topic: WORST COVER SONGS! Plus, Tom gets a call from METAL TIM IN NORTH OLDBRIDGE!

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Author and founder of WILCO, JEFF TWEEDY, calls in and chats with Tom about his two amazing books and countless brilliant records including the new Wilco album, "Cruel Country"! Then... an amazing LIVE PERFORMANCE from MIKE KROL in the FOREVER DOG THEATRE! Plus, FUN CALLS! Studio chats with Allison Crutchfield, Secret Pizza's Sean Lango, and yes, MIKE KROL! Honk!

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The kid returns! Just barely SIX DAYS after the now LEGENDARY Best Show 24 broadcast... Tom's back in the hot seat for the first Best Show of the new era! Phones ring on the topic: WHEN DID YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST LOSE IT? A discussion on art, artists, rise and falls and all of that business going! Tom and the crew rank 90s Springsteen... and so much more! Kick back and enjoy "Episode One" of a brand new age!

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The final installment in BEST SHOW 24! The legendary CHRIS ELLIOTT and ADAM RESNICK call in together! PHILLY BOY ROY makes a truly amazing appearance IN STUDIO! JONATHAN BRAYLOCK stops by! MATTHEW TOMPKINS! BRETT DAVIS and DEVON YOUNG visit the studio! SURPRISE GUEST ADAM CONOVER chats with Tom in studio! OH AND WE’RE NOT DONE THERE! Live musical performances in theatre from TY SEGALL, MIKAL CRONIN and JESS CORNELIUS! And CHAKI brings the funk to take us home!

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BEST SHOW 24, PART 7 begins with what could be the biggest one two punch in BEST SHOW history! Tom chats with PULP frontman, JARVIS COCKER! MIKE WATT performs live! STEVEN MCDONALD from REDD KROSS visits the studio. ZACH CHERRY checks in from London! Emmy nominee MARTHA KELLY and MARY LATTIMORE stop by! MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE actually appears IN STUDIO! Surprise guests THE GREGORY BROTHERS call in! KAT TOLEDO performs from under a duvet! YES, THIS IS ALL IN ONE EPISODE! OF COURSE IT IS, THIS IS THE BEST SHOW!

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