The Best Show with Tom Scharpling

BEST SHOW 24 refuses to slow down with a call from the fabulous PATRICIA ARQUETTE! YASI SALEK and JON GABRUS pay a visit to the studio, with Gabrus bringing Tom a wake-up elixir! PAUL HANLEY, formerly of THE FALL, calls in! MARINA FRANKLIN, ALBERTINA RIZZO and MARY HOULIHAN check in!

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Did you think we'd stop? WE CAN'T! The hilarious NATHAN FIELDER calls in! JOHN OLIVER checks in with Tom! DAVE HOLMES stops by the studio to talk to Tom about his new podcast and much more! Tom talks to the legendary AMAZING KRESKIN! Cartoonist NATHAN GELGUD returns to the studio to see Tom and stays for a special fill-in with Pat, Dudio and artist ERIC WHITE!

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The hits keep coming! JOHN HODGMAN wakes up A.P. Mike! Plus, we hear from KEVIN CORRIGAN, ANDY KINDLER and a special live performance from THE CINNAMON BOYS featuring BRYCE PREFONTAINE, TOM SCHARPLING and JASON GORE!

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The BEST SHOW 24 cavalcade of stars continues with a call from the legendary ADAM MCKAY! CARL TART, EDGAR MOMPLAISIR, and KEVIN BARTELT live in the studio! Plus, LANCE BANGS checks in and much more!

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BEST SHOW 24 rolls onward! SUDAN ARCHIVES makes a special visit to the studio and chats with Tom! R.E.M's PETER BUCK calls in as surprise guest #1! JON DALY and JAKE FOGELNEST keep the laugh train rolling in the studio! Plus, the next amazing music performance from the one and only JOHN VANDERSLICE!

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The BEST SHOW 24 KICKS OFF with amazing guests! CONAN O'BRIEN calls in and gets a surprise visit from THE GORCH! Rocker KURT VILE checks in and sings Tom a special song! JO FIRESTONE and JULIE KLAUSNER bring the laughs and set the bar for 24 hours of greatness! All this, plus NICK THORBURN delivers the first incredible live set of music from our performance space!

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We are finally here. It's the day of the 24 HOUR BEST SHOW! Starting at 6pm PT and going until 6pm PT Wednesday 7/27.

How do you listen/watch?! will also have the Twitch embedded.

This is the biggest event in BEST SHOW history! Do not miss it!


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We are one week away from one of the biggest events in BEST SHOW HISTORY - the 24 HOUR BEST SHOW! Friend of the show, JON SOLOMON, calls in to give Tom advice on how to do a 24 hour radio program. Phones ring on AP Mike’s suggested topic, SMALL TOWN GRIPES! Points are rewarded and taken away! 

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It’s the NIGHT OF 100 “OUT ON THE ROAD TODAYS” as callers try their hand at singing and updating the line from Don Henley’s song, “The Boys of Summer!” Phones also ring on the topic, FAKE TERMS OF RESPECT! Rapid fire calls, BEST SHOW style!

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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, world renowned virologist DR. BLAKE WRIGHT gives a rare interview!

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One of the stars of SEVERANCE and the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, comedian ZACH CHERRY calls in! The MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE saga continues on.  You can’t stop it. Don’t try. Phones ring on the topic TOP TEN FIREWORKS! What songs would Johnny Cash cover today? Kate Bush! AND SO MUCH MORE! You know what it is - IT IS THE SUMMER OF SCHARPLING!

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