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Phones ring on the topic: WORST AUDITIONS! Tom hears from long time caller EMMA HEALEY (Emma In Toronto) who recently wrote the brilliant book; Best Young Woman Job Book! The MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE saga takes a dark strange turn... and so much more!

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Phones ring on the topic: WHAT FICTIONAL CHARACTER WOULD ACTUALLY SUCK IN REAL LIFE? ANNA SEREGINA calls to talk about the second season of her podcast, TRUTH HOUNDS! The MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE saga takes a strange turn... Plus, the crew talks BASKETBALL and so much more!!!

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Tom asks the callers to MAKE HIM LAUGH! The saga continues from MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE! Plus, Director JEFF FEUERZEIG calls Tom on the real deal behind Jersey's infamous gas pumping policy!

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The kid is BACK! Tom swings back into action with an ALL STAR SHOW! The hilarious JOHN HODGMAN and DAVID REES talk about their brand new season of DICKTOWN airing on FXX/Hulu! The MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE saga continues and so much more!

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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, Philly Boy Roy calls to talk about a certain press conference in the news!

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