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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, Tom talks with comedy legend MERRILL MARKOE on her incredible career and graphic memoir, We Saw Scenery: The Early Diaries of Merrill Markoe.

(Originally aired December 15th, 2020)
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This week on The Best Show With Tom Scharpling, we're sharing the very first episode of our Patreon-exclusive podcast, RUBINESQUE! If you enjoyed our previous deep dive into the music of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, SO FAR, you're going to love RUBINESQUE! 


In every episode we'll dive deep into the music produced or executive produced by the one and only RICK RUBIN from 1981 to 2022.


In the premiere episode, we take a look at the years 1981 through 1985 and focus on the beginnings of Def Jam and what the hip-hop scene was like during those formative years in the NYC metro area! Does Mike have a very insane connection to Rick Rubin? One we didn't even know about when we planned this podcast? You're going to have to listen to find out!


It all starts here. RUBINESQUE.


If you want more RUBINESQUE, and The Best Show's other Patreon-exclusive podcasts, subscribe to our Patreon at


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PHILLY BOY ROY calls in from the Democratic National Convention! The debut of POKEMON GO FOR TRUCKERS! The topic is THE WORST DECISIONS MADE BY OTHERWISE SMART PEOPLE! Plus, the continuing saga/debacle of the DREYFUSS 100!

(Originally aired Wednesday, July 27, 2016)

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THIS IS THE BIG ONE. Tom and the callers list the FIFTY BEST KARAOKE SONGS OF ALL TIME!!! Hear what made the list and what did NOT make the list! Plus, the hilarious ALBERTINA RIZZO joins Tom in studio!

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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, Tom gets a call from Taco Bell Todd!

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The amazing SARAH MARSHALL calls in to talk to Tom about her awesome podcast You're Wrong About and the upcoming live shows! Tom tries on DON RICKLES ties and tells his story about why Dodger Stadium SUCKS! Artist ERIC WHITE calls in to discuss his latest painting and more! Plus, A.P. MIKE debuts the long awaited collaboration with The Funk Wizard himself, CHAKI! All this, and the debut of THE SUCK OLYMPICS?! YES!!!
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After a year plus hiatus following the WFMU departure, The Best Show returned with a vengeance in December of 2014 with a jam packed show to break in the new studio! Matthew Tompkins from the Shout! Network calls in to welcome Tom back! Kurt Vile checks in! Gary the Squirrel discusses his one-squirrel show and more!

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Tom welcomes the fantastic comedian and podcast host, LIZZY COOPERMAN to the studio! Phones ring on the topic: WHAT STUFF SCARED YOU AS A KID AND MAYBE STILL SCARES YOU NOW? SKYLER calls back to check in with Tom after Best Show 24! AP MIKE reviews CLERKS III!

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After Tommy Stinson bailed on the Best Show, Replacements Steve calls in to review "Appetite for Democracy 3D", the Guns N' Roses concert film... New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show!

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A show six years in the making... TOMPRESSIONS return! Callers try their luck to impersonate Tom on-air! Tom makes a stunning personal statement in response to the ANT MAN CONTROVERSY and pitches a BILLION DOLLAR BATMAN IDEA to legendary comic book artist/writer CHIP ZDARSKY! The SOUND COLLAGE returns with hypnotic new additions... ONE FOR THE BOOKS!

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On election night, November 8th, 2016, Tom threw the radio audience a curve ball by pretending to air a "Lost Episode" from 2006. Old music was used and "classic" callers were staged. As the night went on, the whirlwind of news unfolded and the show took on an even stranger shape... This was one for the books.

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Tom welcomes RONALD BRONSTEIN, co-writer/co-editor/co-genius of every Safdie Brothers film! And if one movie titan wasn't enough, PEYTON REED swings by the studio and DROPS A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT... Phones ring on the topic, WHAT ARE THE DUMB THINGS YOU BELIEVED AS A KID? Plus, DARREN FROM WORK calls Tom to catch up and ask for a small favor!

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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, Tom gets a call from Todd McDaniels At McMuffler Mania!

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Tom gets an in-studio visit from CHAPO TRAP HOUSE'S WILL & MATT! Phones ring on the topic: WORST COVER SONGS! Plus, Tom gets a call from METAL TIM IN NORTH OLDBRIDGE!

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Author and founder of WILCO, JEFF TWEEDY, calls in and chats with Tom about his two amazing books and countless brilliant records including the new Wilco album, "Cruel Country"! Then... an amazing LIVE PERFORMANCE from MIKE KROL in the FOREVER DOG THEATRE! Plus, FUN CALLS! Studio chats with Allison Crutchfield, Secret Pizza's Sean Lango, and yes, MIKE KROL! Honk!

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The kid returns! Just barely SIX DAYS after the now LEGENDARY Best Show 24 broadcast... Tom's back in the hot seat for the first Best Show of the new era! Phones ring on the topic: WHEN DID YOUR FAVORITE ARTIST LOSE IT? A discussion on art, artists, rise and falls and all of that business going! Tom and the crew rank 90s Springsteen... and so much more! Kick back and enjoy "Episode One" of a brand new age!

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The final installment in BEST SHOW 24! The legendary CHRIS ELLIOTT and ADAM RESNICK call in together! PHILLY BOY ROY makes a truly amazing appearance IN STUDIO! JONATHAN BRAYLOCK stops by! MATTHEW TOMPKINS! BRETT DAVIS and DEVON YOUNG visit the studio! SURPRISE GUEST ADAM CONOVER chats with Tom in studio! OH AND WE’RE NOT DONE THERE! Live musical performances in theatre from TY SEGALL, MIKAL CRONIN and JESS CORNELIUS! And CHAKI brings the funk to take us home!

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BEST SHOW 24, PART 7 begins with what could be the biggest one two punch in BEST SHOW history! Tom chats with PULP frontman, JARVIS COCKER! MIKE WATT performs live! STEVEN MCDONALD from REDD KROSS visits the studio. ZACH CHERRY checks in from London! Emmy nominee MARTHA KELLY and MARY LATTIMORE stop by! MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE actually appears IN STUDIO! Surprise guests THE GREGORY BROTHERS call in! KAT TOLEDO performs from under a duvet! YES, THIS IS ALL IN ONE EPISODE! OF COURSE IT IS, THIS IS THE BEST SHOW!

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BEST SHOW 24 refuses to slow down with a call from the fabulous PATRICIA ARQUETTE! YASI SALEK and JON GABRUS pay a visit to the studio, with Gabrus bringing Tom a wake-up elixir! PAUL HANLEY, formerly of THE FALL, calls in! MARINA FRANKLIN, ALBERTINA RIZZO and MARY HOULIHAN check in!

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Did you think we'd stop? WE CAN'T! The hilarious NATHAN FIELDER calls in! JOHN OLIVER checks in with Tom! DAVE HOLMES stops by the studio to talk to Tom about his new podcast and much more! Tom talks to the legendary AMAZING KRESKIN! Cartoonist NATHAN GELGUD returns to the studio to see Tom and stays for a special fill-in with Pat, Dudio and artist ERIC WHITE!

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The hits keep coming! JOHN HODGMAN wakes up A.P. Mike! Plus, we hear from KEVIN CORRIGAN, ANDY KINDLER and a special live performance from THE CINNAMON BOYS featuring BRYCE PREFONTAINE, TOM SCHARPLING and JASON GORE!

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The BEST SHOW 24 cavalcade of stars continues with a call from the legendary ADAM MCKAY! CARL TART, EDGAR MOMPLAISIR, and KEVIN BARTELT live in the studio! Plus, LANCE BANGS checks in and much more!

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BEST SHOW 24 rolls onward! SUDAN ARCHIVES makes a special visit to the studio and chats with Tom! R.E.M's PETER BUCK calls in as surprise guest #1! JON DALY and JAKE FOGELNEST keep the laugh train rolling in the studio! Plus, the next amazing music performance from the one and only JOHN VANDERSLICE!

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The BEST SHOW 24 KICKS OFF with amazing guests! CONAN O'BRIEN calls in and gets a surprise visit from THE GORCH! Rocker KURT VILE checks in and sings Tom a special song! JO FIRESTONE and JULIE KLAUSNER bring the laughs and set the bar for 24 hours of greatness! All this, plus NICK THORBURN delivers the first incredible live set of music from our performance space!

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We are finally here. It's the day of the 24 HOUR BEST SHOW! Starting at 6pm PT and going until 6pm PT Wednesday 7/27.

How do you listen/watch?! will also have the Twitch embedded.

This is the biggest event in BEST SHOW history! Do not miss it!


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We are one week away from one of the biggest events in BEST SHOW HISTORY - the 24 HOUR BEST SHOW! Friend of the show, JON SOLOMON, calls in to give Tom advice on how to do a 24 hour radio program. Phones ring on AP Mike’s suggested topic, SMALL TOWN GRIPES! Points are rewarded and taken away! 

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It’s the NIGHT OF 100 “OUT ON THE ROAD TODAYS” as callers try their hand at singing and updating the line from Don Henley’s song, “The Boys of Summer!” Phones also ring on the topic, FAKE TERMS OF RESPECT! Rapid fire calls, BEST SHOW style!

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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, world renowned virologist DR. BLAKE WRIGHT gives a rare interview!

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One of the stars of SEVERANCE and the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, comedian ZACH CHERRY calls in! The MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE saga continues on.  You can’t stop it. Don’t try. Phones ring on the topic TOP TEN FIREWORKS! What songs would Johnny Cash cover today? Kate Bush! AND SO MUCH MORE! You know what it is - IT IS THE SUMMER OF SCHARPLING!

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Our friend TIM HEIDECKER is live in the studio talking about his exciting upcoming US tour, his new album HIGH SCHOOL and so much more! CLARE O'KANE drops by the studio fresh off a plane! MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE calls back with a surprise visit from a special friend!

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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, Tom gets a call from Newbridge Rockabilly legend, Chicky Catona!

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First day of Summer, BUT MY FRIENDS, THE SUMMER OF SCHARPLING HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR WEEKS! One of our favorites, SNL’s SARAH SQUIRM calls in! Cartoonist NATHAN GELGUD stops by the studio! The Mike In Baybridge saga continues on! Phones ring on the topic - BEST AND WORST MOVIE FRANCHISES!

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The SUMMER OF SCHARPLING has only just begun and boy oh boy, we’ve got another great BEST SHOW for you. MARTHA KELLY (Baskets, Euphoria, I Love That For You) stops by! MARY LATTIMORE plays an amazing set on the harp. JASON STERN from the Lou Reed Archive calls in on the NEWSMAKER HOTLINE. An action packed BEST SHOW, my friends!

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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, Tom gets a call from Bill Chippert Jr.!

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The Best Show from Los Angeles rolls right along with a very hot topic - WHICH ALBUMS ARE PERFECT?! Plus, a special SOUND COLLAGE and so much more!

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Here we go! The first official Best Show from the new Los Angeles studio! New theme song! A performance by ISLANDS - LIVE IN STUDIO! JON DALY stops by! SOUND COLLAGE! The MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE saga continues. THE NEW ERA OF THE BEST SHOW STARTS HERE!

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The first full-on show from Lipstick City takes shape as Tom and the crew test the new studio! The MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE saga gets even more layered... Plus, CANDY TALK and so much MORE!!! Buckle up for a fun test drive, brah.
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The Best Show will return LIVE next week, but till then, catch up with Tom for a bit and dive into the very first episoide of BEST SHOW BOOK CLUB: NÖTHING BUT A GOOD TIME - The Uncensored History of the '80s Hard Rock Explosion.
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And we're back with another pre-recorded Best Show as we work on the Best Show LA Studio! But... IT'S A GOOD ONE! Tom chats with Jim Ruland, author of Corporate Rock Sucks: The Rise and Fall of SST Records. If you're a fan of SST Records, this is for you! If not, it's still for you!

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Here it is! The "live" show recorded on April 17th, 2022. A lot has happened since then, but I believe we discuss ghost kitchens and family vacations! It's a fun one!

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BEST SHOW BOOK CLUB  is back! In this episode, Tom Scharpling, Jason Gore, Michael Lisk and Pat Byrne speak with the author of "Unrequited Infatuations," Stevie Van Zandt!

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The Best Show is moving its studio from NJ to LA so we bid farewell to the Jersey City studio the only way we know how - with TONS OF GUESTS, STORIES, LAUGHS, SONGS, BEST SHOW SECRETS and DINER TALK! MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE checks in! A LEGENDARY BEST SHOW TO CLOSE THE NJ STUDIO! 
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In September of 2021, Gilbert Gottfried called in to The Best Show as part of TOM DOESN'T KNOW, an episode of surprise guests booked by the producers. Gilbert was the first guest of the night and recounts Tom's appearance on his own podcast, early Letterman appearances, his time on SNL, an Alan Thicke impression, and more...

Special thanks to Perry Shall who made this interview possible.

RIP Gilbert Gottfried

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Phones ring on the topic: who is the best person from each state...and who is the worst! MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE reveals his lost 80's hardcore connections... Plus, honoring the late great Gilbert Gottfried.

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Ah, the double album. The classic artistic statement. The moment when an artist or band tells the world who they truly are. But which one is the BEST? THE WHITE ALBUM? DOUBLE NICKELS ON THE DIME? WE get into and figure it all out!

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Phones ring on the topic: WORST AUDITIONS! Tom hears from long time caller EMMA HEALEY (Emma In Toronto) who recently wrote the brilliant book; Best Young Woman Job Book! The MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE saga takes a dark strange turn... and so much more!

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Phones ring on the topic: WHAT FICTIONAL CHARACTER WOULD ACTUALLY SUCK IN REAL LIFE? ANNA SEREGINA calls to talk about the second season of her podcast, TRUTH HOUNDS! The MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE saga takes a strange turn... Plus, the crew talks BASKETBALL and so much more!!!

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Tom asks the callers to MAKE HIM LAUGH! The saga continues from MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE! Plus, Director JEFF FEUERZEIG calls Tom on the real deal behind Jersey's infamous gas pumping policy!

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The kid is BACK! Tom swings back into action with an ALL STAR SHOW! The hilarious JOHN HODGMAN and DAVID REES talk about their brand new season of DICKTOWN airing on FXX/Hulu! The MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE saga continues and so much more!

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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, Philly Boy Roy calls to talk about a certain press conference in the news!

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Are there any weird coincidences that have happened to you? Moments where you’re like, ‘oh my god that is the most unbelievable coincidence ever, I hope that someday The Best Show does a topic about coincidences? Well, THIS is that show, baby! Plus, funnyman and all-around-good-guy ALEX SCORDELIS calls up to talk about his Vice article about an infamous moment in Guns 'N Roses' "November Rain" music video... We hear more on the MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE saga and so much more! Don't snooze this one, brah.

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You watched it. (Maybe) You loved it. Now you get to plan it?! WELL ON THIS SHOW YOU DO! Callers try their luck and figure it all out with Tom. Plus, a special call from KURT VILE talking about his new album and a legendary Neil Young story! Hear the continued MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE saga and so much more!

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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, Tom gets a call from The Newbridge Ransacker!
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WHAT A SHOW! Phones ring on the topic, WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST (OR BEST) “OH NO! I’M GETTING OLD!” MOMENT? MIKE FROM BAYBRIDGE checks in again! LANCE BANGS talks about JACKASS FOREVER! Friend of the show, CLARE O’KANE calls in and tells Tom all about her new show! SCOTT ROGOWSKY talks his vintage store. A HUGE SHOW!

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It's THE NIGHT OF A THOUSAND IS THAT A THINGS! Callers chime in with their bits asking the question, "Is That A Thing?" MIKE FROM BAYBRIDGE calls AGAIN!!! Best Show Book Club. And Just Like That. YEP, IT'S A HUGE BEST SHOW! ONE FOR THE BOOKS!
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WHAT A HUGE BEST SHOW! JULIE KLAUSNER calls in with a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Tom also makes an announcement regarding BEST SHOW BOOK CLUB! MIKE FROM BAYBRIDGE checks in again! Phones ring on the topic, YOU’RE AWESOME, YOU SUCK, YOU’RE OKAY I GUESS! 

Direct download: TBS_012522.mp3
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Phones ring on the topic: WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME SOONER? (How'd you not know what you know now?) Another historic call from MIKE FROM BAYBRIDGE! RUBINESQUE! MIKE VERSUS MARVEL! Plus, SO MUCH MORE! A must listen...

Direct download: TBS_011822.mp3
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WE'RE BACK WITH ANOTHER TUESDAY NIGHT EDITION OF THE BEST SHOW! Phones ring on the topic: UNDENIABLE TRUTHS! Tom gets another call from secret legend, MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE! A Best Show Staff Meeting is held featuring Tom, Mike, Jason, Pat, Gary The Squirrel AND MORE! Also, is the GOMP back?! Only one way to find out! DON'T MISS THIS ONE!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! NEW YEAR, NEW BEST SHOW! Phones ring on the topic, SO WHAT IS THIS YEAR GONNA BE? What are your dreams for this year? How are you going to absolutely crush 2022? MIKE IN BAYBRIDGE calls in. Points are awarded! MORE!

Direct download: TBS_010422.mp3
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