The Best Show with Tom Scharpling

Callers attempt their best/worst twenty second celebrity impressions! Tom and the crew talk Jeopardy, Dune and MORE. Tom starts the list of “People Tom Wants To Fight.”

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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, Tom does an interview with Mark From Comedy Nerds Podcast!

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Over the years, some of the very best Best Show calls have come from kids... so on this show, NO ADULTS ALLOWED! Tom finally gets the answer to a 16-year-old riddle! Plus, Mike writes Springsteen lyrics and much more!!!

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WHAT A BEST SHOW! Phones ring on the topic: WHAT’S THE WORST MOMENT YOU’VE HEARD A CELL PHONE GO OFF? The guys try to come up with a nickname to honor Tom, all on their own with no guidance at all! Jason shares a tale from ROOSTERS CREEK! AP Mike debuts “A BALLAD OF A BROKEN BIZKIT BRO!” 

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AN ALL NEW BEST SHOW! Phones ring on the topic, SO SOMEONE IN YOUR LIFE DOESN’T LIKE THE BEST SHOW! Wait, people don’t like The Best Show? You’ll just have to listen to find out!

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