The Best Show with Tom Scharpling

WOW! JON DALY and NICK THORBURN are IN STUDIO for this one! NATE IN NEWBRIDGE CORNERS calls in! GARY THE SQUIRREL slips in to the ALTERNATE UNIVERSE with YOU GOTTA REMEMBER THIS! Plus, DUMB DAVE and BEANIE BABY MARKET REPORT! Then, AP MIKE recaps his trip to the movies with Pat to see GOTTI! Also: a call from Jelloman, a sound collage and so much MORE!

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THE BEST SHOW IS BACK! MICK IN NEWBRIDGE calls in! Hear a world premier from the band SPIDER BAGS! Plus, a special SOUND COLLAGE and MORE!

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PHILLY BOY ROY calls in from The White House! Phones ring on the topic: THE DO-OVER! Those moments you wish you could do it over. The alternate universes continue with: ALDI TALK! AH, SHUT UP! and MORE! Plus, a special SOUND COLLAGE, Tom sends the crew for ice cream, and even MORE!

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