The Best Show with Tom Scharpling

The hilarious MARINA FRANKLIN comes by the studio to talk about her new podcast: FRIENDS LIKE US and more! Tom gets a call from MORTY FROM LOWER WEST NEWBRIDGE! Phones ring on the topic: I STUCK THE LANDING - the times that you said the exact perfect thing in a moment! Plus, much more! How much more? YOU GOTTA LISTEN!

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NICK THORBURN from the band ISLANDS swings by the studio to talk about his new podcast CRITICAL PODCAST! Phones ring on the topic: MOST BORING SUBSET IN AMERICA! The alternate universes continue with: GARDWUAR THE SQUIRREL SERVIETTE! PROG TALK WITH VANCE! BEATLES TALK! and MORE!

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Phones ring on the topic: WHAT IS THE BEST AND WORST SONG TO GET BEAT UP TO? MAGGIE SEROTA swings by the studio! A call from TIM AT NEWBRIDGE ULTRANATIONAL AIRPORT! Another chilling installment of PORNO HOME COMPANION! GREG NEEDHAM swings by! Plus a visit from OFFICER TOM and much much MORE!

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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, we hear a call from Steve in DC!

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Best show returns with the topic: I BELIEVE! I DON’T BELIEVE! More alternate universes with: PORNO HOME COMPANION! and BEATLES TALK! All this and MUCH MORE!

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