The Best Show with Tom Scharpling

Tom's brother Ron calls in to discuss his new podcast and recount his pro football career! Tom tells the story of getting robbed at Ikea and wonders if he's getting dumber! Big plans for 2015, a call from AC Newman and more!

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It's the first ever Best Show Holiday Show. Philly Boy Roy calls to recap how his year went and to recite "Twas The Night Before Christmas Future Philly Style." Tom talks about Ringo Starr, Gary the Squirrel sings a song to AP Mike, Andy Kindler checks in and so much more!

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The long wait is over and The Best Show is back! Matthew Tompkins calls in to welcome Tom back! Kurt Vile checks in! Gary the Squirrel discusses his one-squirrel show and more!

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It's all coming back. Tom's back. Jon's back. Gary's back. Mike's back. The callers are back. Newbridge is back! The Best Show is back and it's coming to get you! Listen live, Tuesday nights at or subscribe here to this podcast and listen whenever you want. Get ready. Chumps are about to be steamrolled. 

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