The Best Show with Tom Scharpling (general)

Ty Monroe calls to discuss being in jail, Tom tells a mortifying Patti Smith story that leads to the topic "I Wish I Could Take That Back", Coop tells an Uber story and more!

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The Half Hour Of Power is the bi-weekly overtime show for The Best Show, recorded immediately after the February 10th 2015 program. Completely unscreened phone calls moving at a rapid fire pace! The cast of characters for this episode are AP Mike, Jason Gore, Pat Byrne and Marcia Neumeier.

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Brett Gelman & Jason Woliner check in to talk about the latest Dinner With Brett Gelman special. A call from Skip, Tom’s Mailcarrier. A hashtag is revealed AND MORE!

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The Return of Spike! Tom chats with Gregg Turkington & Tim Heidecker from Adult Swim's ON CINEMA! Darren From Work talks about the Newbridge Comedy Awards.

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Tom makes a big announcement! Chad Gufton in Pepperbridge leaves a voicemail. Tom asks the listeners to help identify the one untagged song in his iTunes.

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Tom pays tribute to his father & speaks with Mark “The Arm” Rample about grunge & baseball. Tom also talks about Billy Joel & the deletion of M*A*S*H. 

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The Best Show crew sits in for Tom and plays some of the great moments in the history of show, both the past and current incarnations. Captain Sully Sullenberger! Tom vs Billy Crystal! AP Mike vs Gary the Squirrel! Plus, highlights from the past three weeks!

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Tom's brother Ron calls in to discuss his new podcast and recount his pro football career! Tom tells the story of getting robbed at Ikea and wonders if he's getting dumber! Big plans for 2015, a call from AC Newman and more!

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It's the first ever Best Show Holiday Show. Philly Boy Roy calls to recap how his year went and to recite "Twas The Night Before Christmas Future Philly Style." Tom talks about Ringo Starr, Gary the Squirrel sings a song to AP Mike, Andy Kindler checks in and so much more!

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The long wait is over and The Best Show is back! Matthew Tompkins calls in to welcome Tom back! Kurt Vile checks in! Gary the Squirrel discusses his one-squirrel show and more!

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