The Best Show with Tom Scharpling (general)

Phones ring on the topic: EVERYTHING MUST BE RE-EVALUATED! RICKY IN OUTER NEWBRIDGE calls in! Author of: ASTRAL WEEKS: A Secret History of 1968  Ryan H. Walsh calls in! And MUCH MORE!

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WOW! JON DALY and NICK THORBURN are IN STUDIO for this one! NATE IN NEWBRIDGE CORNERS calls in! GARY THE SQUIRREL slips in to the ALTERNATE UNIVERSE with YOU GOTTA REMEMBER THIS! Plus, DUMB DAVE and BEANIE BABY MARKET REPORT! Then, AP MIKE recaps his trip to the movies with Pat to see GOTTI! Also: a call from Jelloman, a sound collage and so much MORE!

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THE BEST SHOW IS BACK! MICK IN NEWBRIDGE calls in! Hear a world premier from the band SPIDER BAGS! Plus, a special SOUND COLLAGE and MORE!

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PHILLY BOY ROY calls in from The White House! Phones ring on the topic: THE DO-OVER! Those moments you wish you could do it over. The alternate universes continue with: ALDI TALK! AH, SHUT UP! and MORE! Plus, a special SOUND COLLAGE, Tom sends the crew for ice cream, and even MORE!

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A classic BEST SHOW! The Alternative Universes continue with a NEW BEST SHOW where A.P. MIKE is host and Tom is call screener! Mary Houlihan calls in to talk to Mike! More from WHIP TALK and BEATLES TALK! Plus, Laurie from Miami gets Tom to discuss who he can and can't beat up! All this, and MUCH MORE!

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The purple one RETURNS! An in-studio visit from the one and only WALLY WACKIMAN (AKA Zach Woliner)! Tom gets a call from STEVE IN ROPEBRIDGE! The ALTERNATE UNIVERSES continue with: DUMB DAVE! BEANIE BABY MARKET PRICE HOUR, UNCANNY MYSTERIES and GARY THE SQUIRREL!

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YES! The awesome and hilarious STEFANI ROBINSON swings by the studio! SCOTT ROGOWSKY calls in from an airport! Phones ring on the topic: TOP FIFTY REVENGE STORIES EVER! Plus, so much more!!!

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A GRAND BEST SHOW! Phones ring on the topic: I WAS WRONG! The Alternate Universes continue with more: PORNO HOME COMPANION and WHIP TALK! Plus, an AVALANCHE BOB call, a mini SOUND COLLAGE and much much more!!!

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Now that's what I call BEST SHOW! ANDY KINDLER calls in from Hollywood! VITO IN PORT NEWBRIDGE calls in! Phones ring on the topic: I WOULD PAY TO SEE THAT! Hear a brand new, dynomite SOUND COLLAGE! More from the alternate universes: WHIP TALK! and OH, SHUT UP! And much much MORE!

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The hilarious MARINA FRANKLIN comes by the studio to talk about her new podcast: FRIENDS LIKE US and more! Tom gets a call from MORTY FROM LOWER WEST NEWBRIDGE! Phones ring on the topic: I STUCK THE LANDING - the times that you said the exact perfect thing in a moment! Plus, much more! How much more? YOU GOTTA LISTEN!

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